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Our Programs

We are constantly developing and enhancing programs that protect and strengthen marine biodiversity, promote healthy oceans and coastal communities, and work towards a more resilient & sustainable economy.

Working Together to Clean
Our Coasts

With over 200kms of coastline surrounding the Gros Morne region, AHOI recognizes the need to not only clean our beaches, but also carry out the important work of auditing what we are collecting. The tedious work that goes into brand and waste audits during our cleanups means we are always looking for volunteers and partnerships.


Our partnership with Gros Morne National Park, Gros Morne Cooperating Association and support from the 7 regional municipalities, further enables AHOI to conduct waste and brand audits, and better understand what is polluting our beaches. This knowledge helps us develop programs and recommendations to help eliminate unnecessary sources of plastic waste showing up in our coastal and marine environments.  

Marine Conservation and

One of AHOIs goals is to work with the coastal communities to find ways to grow economically while also protecting our most important marine and coastal habitats, and the species that depend on them most. With the appropriate funding and collaborations with interested members of the science community and members of the public, AHOI hopes to gather data to better understand what is happening in our oceans.


The information collected can be used to help manage our coastal areas sustainably while also growing our economy in a responsible manner. By sharing knowledge and understanding the state of our marine environment, we can make more informed decisions about ways to move forward as a healthy, prosperous coastal community that that also supports ocean health and marine biodiversity.

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 The Zero-Plastic Waste
Gros Morne Initiative

An average of one truckload of plastic enters our ocean every single minute! This plastic litter and debris impacts over 1200 species of marine life. This project takes a look at the full life cycle of plastic from the point it is made to the moment we find it discarded, so we can target specific sources of plastic litter and debris.


Through this project, AHOI gathers baseline data on the most problematic sources of plastic litter, which will help inform real solutions to plastic pollution. AHOI is working closely with businesses, town councils, other NGOs, and community members through various programs, to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics in local communities, raise awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution, build capacity at the community level and make the Gros Morne Region a leader in the circular economy.

AHOI is one of 14 organizations across Canada to receive funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada through the Zero Plastic Waste Initiative. Our nationally- supported project is designed to uphold our global commitments under the Oceans Plastics Charter and to get us one step closer to ensuring all plastics produced in our economy are completely recoverable by 2030.


Our Partnerships - Our Community

AHOI has partnerships with various NGOs, municipal and federal agencies as well as community groups and artists. We are always interested in teaming up with others! Please contact us if you are looking to be a part of AHOIs mission to look after our oceans and coastal communities.

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