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Working together to protect the health
of our oceans

About Our

In March of 2019 Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative was born. Its mission is to collaborate with interested organizations, agencies, governments and members of the public to protect the long-term health of our oceans while promoting innovative ways to grow sustainable coastal communities in western NL.


Our Programs

AHOI works closely with businesses, town councils, Government organizations, other NGOs, and community members to tackle plastic pollution by offering programs that help raise awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution and promote and support ways to successfully eliminate it. In turn, AHOI is building capacity at the community level, aiding in the transition away from single-use plastics, and making the Gros Morne Region a leader in the circular economy!


Raised to fund our programs


Pounds of plastic waste collected from our beach cleanups


Kilometers of coastline cleaned and audited


who have helped us

Get Involved!


Would you like to donate to our current programs or inquire about ways AHOI can create other programs to look after the health of our oceans? Click below to learn more on how you can make a one-time, monthly or annual donation to help us continue this important work.


Reach out to learn how you, your family, friends, classmates, school, community groups or even business can work together with us! Whether it's beach cleanups, working with our coastal communities to be more sustainable or on projects to protect our marine biodiversity, we have space for all helping hands!

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