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All proceeds from our cozy sweaters, shirts, tanks, scarves, hats and masks go towards local programming.

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Payment can be made
by EMT, Cash or Cheque

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The Protect Our Future Project is funded through Creative Gros Morne's Connecting Through Culture project. This AHOI initiative aims to bring awareness of the marine and coastal connections of Gros Morne, through art.


This collection was created in collaboration with visual artist, Kristin Roks. AHOI carefully selected five species based on their significance to the region's marine environment as well as their cultural connection to coastal communities. 

All net-proceeds go directly into AHOI programs, which support marine biodiversity, protect the long-term health of our ocean and coastal communities, and promote innovative ways to grow sustainable communities.

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Each item of clothing comes with tags that tell the story of the particular species and its importance to the ocean and the Gros Morne region. The conservation of marine and coastal environments affects the long-term sustainability of our fisheries and communities.

The clothing industry generates a huge amount of waste. Every aspect of this project has been considered, from sourcing materials and services to the impact products will have at the end of their life.

These products use natural materials, and where organic materials are unavailable, 100% recycled synthetics have been used.

- Eco-friendly apparel was sourced from Canadian companies, Jerico and Fairware.

- Tags were printed on recyclable materials, sourced by Osmond Designs, in Corner Brook.

- Apparel designs were silkscreen printed at Living Planet Studio in NL, using the greenest products and processes possible, including soy-based cleaners and reusable supplies.

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